Color Muse: Collection No. 43

Color Muse No. 43

Color Muse: Collection No. 43

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Color Muse: Collection No. 42

Color Muse Collection No. 42

Color Muse Collection No. 42

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WordPress + Ecwid = Powerful and Easy E-commerce

It wasn’t that long ago that I was advising clients that had websites that use WordPress against using any of the WordPress e-commerce plugins that were available at the time. The reasoning behind that was that most of those plugins offered little in the way of support (unless you were willing to pay for it), and had a tendency to either be very buggy, complicated, or required expensive add-ons in order to perform the way most online businesses need their website to whether that was for shipping modules or certain payment processors. Then there was the issue with security. That’s a topic that requires it’s own post, but needless to say, security is very important when you’re selling online.

I’ve tested many WordPress e-commerce plugins on my own in an attempt to find one that would be suitable for my own websites. Some were ok, some caused me to pull some hair out in frustration, and I was about to give up on it.  It was a pleasant and refreshing surprise when I stumbled upon Ecwid purely by accident. In a recent post I discussed WordPress + Etsy Pro which is an e-commerce plugin for Etsy sellers. That’s a fantastic plugin for Etsy sellers, but what about everyone else?


WordPress is a fabulous platform, and many of you have probably heard of it in terms of using it for your blog. It’s much more than that. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is powerful and easy to use. There are thousands of plugins for almost any functionality you can think of.  Event calendars, photo galleries, contact forms, you name it, it’s probably available. But until now, I haven’t found a plugin that would allow me to sell from a WordPress site and do all the things I need it to.

Ecwid is amazing. I went through a lot of testing with this plugin, and I recently implemented it on my Eclectic Anthology site where I sell my vintage and vintage-inspired graphics. It’s worked perfectly, and I haven’t had an issue. My customers can now create accounts where they can “Favorite” products which are saved for them to view later, it has a straightforward checkout process, allows for digital downloads, integrates with social media by having sharing options available on product listings and also a store section on my Facebook page.

There are so many features with Ecwid that this post would be gigantic if I listed them all. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Integrates with a long list of payment solutions and gateways (including Paypal)
  • Offers realtime shipping quotes for UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, Canada Post, EMS Russian Post and Australia Post
  • Realtime shipping tracking
  • “Favorites” product list
  • Discount coupons
  • Inventory tracking
  • Language translation
  • Product Options
  • E-goods
  • Facebook Integration
  • Customizable Email Notifications
  • Works on any website

That’s only a short list, you can view all the features here.  Ecwid is affordable too. If you have less than 10 products that you sell it’s actually free. Pricing can be seen here. If you’re using WordPress for your site, Ecwid also has a plugin that will integrate your store into your website seamlessly.

All of my website designs that are available, as well as custom design can be set up as a WordPress site. Therefore they can all use Ecwid as well, and I can even help you get it set up if you wish. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Color Muse: Collection No. 41

Color Muse No. 41

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Revolutionary Branding Relaunch

After months of planning, Melissa and I are excited & oh-so proud to announce the relaunch of our branding agency Revolutionary Branding!  There’s a brand new portfolio of some of our work, and an interactive Services page that explains our packages, what’s included and why you should choose us to brand your business. 

And to celebrate we’re offering a $200-$400 discount on our newly retooled packages for a limited time. Contact us for more information. Please pass it on~ xo

Storify your brand. Because fascinating stories happen to those who tell them.

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My Art Portfolio

My Art Portfolio

I have been doing digital art collages for several years now. Some of them have been published in Somerset’s Digital Studio magazine as well as Stampington’s Digital Inspiration magazine. I’ve put together a new little portfolio of some of my work, and I invite you to take a peek at it. I’ll be updating itRead More

WordPress + Etsy Pro = Easiest Basic E-commerce EVER!


Chances are if you’re an Etsy seller at some point you’ve thought about starting up an online shop of your own. Maybe you’ve looked into e-commerce platforms, maybe you haven’t. Many of my clients are people who are trying to make the transition from Etsy or eBay to their own dotcom. I can’t count howRead More

Vintage Style Makeover with Modern Conveniences


Eclectic Anthology is my website where I sell my vast collection of commercial use vintage and vintage-inspired graphics. It was time for a full scale makeover from the ground up. The new design is clean and simple, yet still has a vintage flair. The site also has a brand new e-commerce system that has all the “modernRead More

Top 100 Design Blogs to Follow in 2014


Artful Club put together an infographic of the top 100 design blogs to follow in 2014, and Avalon Rose Design made the list. Check out the post here, or view the graphic below. Don’t forget to visit some of these great blogs, because they have a vast amount of info, ideas, advice and inspiration forRead More